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Medical Courses

This program is targeted to engineering aspirant students who understand the need of an early start to success in school and competitive exams. This program extensively covers both IIT-JEE and CBSE,ISC preparation and teachers take great care to initiate the student with basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Maths and then smoothly transiting to a higher and complex level of problem solving, must have for competing in IIT-JEE. This program equips the student with a very solid foundation, logical analysis and problems solving skills to leave no stone unturned for success.

Partha Ziels & Super Ziels

Are you PARTHA Ziels?

Ziels, a unique and innovative venture by PARTHA to gear your zeal to excel in exams !

What is PARTHA Ziels?

PARTHA stands for its slogan "where personal attention is the culture". PARTHA Ziels is a unique approach by PARTHA to provide personalized inspiration and counseling and a customized package for growth of each particular student.

Who can be a PARTHA Ziels?

Anyone ! ! Anyone who has a zeal to excel. PARTHA Ziels is not formed out of toppers, toppers are formed out of Ziels. Ziels takes an average student and aims in making him/her excel in exams,through its various modules.

What is PARTHA SuperZiels?

Among the Ziels who consistently perform in top rank list are considered Partha SuperZiels. They also have special classes designed for extra-advance concepts.

What are its various Modules?

Personal Counseling

PARTHA Ziels conducts holistic personal counseling by expert faculties for individual students so as to know their problems and thus help them at an individual level. Today’s students are faced with tremendous study pressure, pressure to manage their board and entrance exams simultaneously, pressure from schools and practicals which lead them to either go to depression or stress. Personal Counseling helps them to gain confidence and encourages them to go ahead with enthusiasm and zeal to excel.

Study Card

PARTHA Ziels provides exclusive study card and study tips so as to make the students manage time effectively and have a goal oriented study schedule. Designed by experts these time management techniques help the student to balance their board and IIT-JEE/NEET exam.

Rank Potential Tests: PJAFT, PJMFT & PNFT

These are full syllabus tests, to enable PARTHA Ziels get regularly updated with the syllabus. It helps to monitor their monthly performance, their potential to excel and their position among the Ziels.